Ole South Entry – Payment

As you might be aware we have had some issues with the Paypal portion of the HorseShowOffice software.  Unfortunately, we did not discover this until we had about 20 entries in.  Here is the current status:

1) Anybody who entered before July 21 and paid via check or sent in via snail mail – your entry is in & payment is ok
2) Anybody entering after July 21 using the Horse Show Office link will not be offered the Paypal option. You can pay via online check or alternatively print your entry and mail it with a check: https://www.horseshowoffice.com/hso/enter1.asp?cid=54
3) Anybody who entered before July 21 and attempted to pay via Paypal – your entry was saved, but no payment was received.  We are currently working on options to complete the entry/payment and will be reaching out to all competitors as soon as we have a solution.

UPDATE: you can use this link http://wordpress.tndressage.com/2495-2/ to pay for your entry if you have not already re-entered and used the option to pay via check.

thank you for your patience

CTDA Board

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