Scholarship Information

The CTDA Dressage Education Scholarship Fund has been established to promote quality dressage education in Middle Tennessee.  Three separate scholarships are to be awarded each year in the following divisions: Junior/Young Rider (ages 14-21), Adult Amateur, and Open. The scholarship dollar amounts will vary according to available funding.

Application Procedure:

To submit an electronic application simply fill out the form here.

Or you can download the CTDA-Scholarship-Application. Scholarship applications must be sent no later than April 15th each year and should be Emailed to:

 CTDA Secretary – Megan Trend



The applications will be reviewed by the CTDA Board which will choose recipients based on the selection criteria established and written below.

Board members are prohibited from applying for a scholarship while serving on the Board.  

Recipients will be notified via email and will be announced on the CTDA website and in the CTDA newsletter after the May CTDA Board meeting.

Selection Criteria:

1) All applicants must be current CTDA members in good standing.

2) Scholarships shall be awarded on the basis of the merit of the applicant’s intent for the award, their educational goals, their volunteer record, and their willingness to contribute back to CTDA by writing an article for the newsletter.

3) Scholarships shall be awarded only for study or activities planned at the time of the submission of the application. The money may be used for any dressage education including shows, lessons and clinics.

4) All applicants must be regular students of dressage and show a proven desire to grow in, and share knowledge with, others of the dressage community.

5) Preference will be given to those applicants who have never received a CTDA scholarship


A completed application must be sent no later than April 15 of the year requested.

Verification of enrollment in the chosen activity must be submitted to the CTDA Board of Directors and funds will be sent to the recipient.

Applicants must agree to write an article about the educational experience for the newsletter within three months of completion.

The funds must be used within one year of scholarship receipt.

Revised 7/2018