Membership Registration Form

2017 Membership Application and Year-End Registration

CTDA is a group member organization of the United States Dressage Federation and its members are automatically USDF group members. For USDF Participating Membership, members must apply directly to USDF.


***Register early for 2017 and get a membership for only $40. Discount runs until December 1*** 

Membership year for CTDA is Dec. 1–Nov. 30. Initial Fee: $45.00, each additional family member: $20.00 (Family defined as spouses and dependents)

$20 of the annual dues goes toward your USDF affiliate group membership.

CTDA offers Year-End Awards for horse and rider combinations, as well as a Volunteer of the Year and a Participation Award.

In order to be eligible for Year-End Awards:

• The rider must be a current CTDA member at the time scores are earned.

• (All horses shown by CTDA rider/owner will be eligible. Scores from CTDA organized shows and other recognized shows must be submitted on the Rider Report Form between Nov. 1 and Dec. 15.)

• Contribute: a minimum of 8 volunteer hours per horse/rider combination;

• OR $100 donation received by September of the show year;

• OR solicited Ad/Sponsorship of at least $100 received by May 31 for the Tennessean Program.