Final 2020 Schooling Show Schedule published

Opening Date for our first schooling show of the year is Mar 11 and the schooling show page, entry forms and overall rules have been updated for 2020.  Go here for more information.

This year we will have 3 shows secretaries (Rebecca, Shelley and Katharina), so if you are sending in a paper entry, please make sure to mail it to the correct show secretary for that show.  All their names & addresses are listed both on the website and the paper form for your reference.  Electronic entry forms will route to them all.

New this year for CTDA members that are showing for the first year with CTDA we have a scholarship of $100 for each Schooling Show in remembrance of Sherry Pride our long time schooling show secretary. Simply let us know that this is your first year showing with CTDA and your name will be added to the hat. More information about this great opportunity can be found here .

Finally CTDA is participating in the new Regional Schooling Show Award that USDF is offering for the first time.  We need to collect some additional information (optional) so we can send the results to USDF.  If you are interested in participating, please read more here.

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