Kerstin Moltmann-Wilder

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Kerstin Moltmann-Wilder is deserving of the Dee Minault Horsemanship Award because she encompasses the attributes of a great horsewoman. As well as being an accomplished rider, obtaining her bronze, silver, and gold USDF rider medals on horses she trained herself, she has experience in every aspect of horse management and care. She has owned and operated a large boarding facility, Old Hillsboro Manor, for many years. She takes a holistic approach towards ensuring horses are comfortable in their work and truly champions their mental and physical wellbeing. She has the horse’s best interest at heart. Kerstin does not “drill” movements or exercises into horses, instead she uses classical training methods that do not force submission, but encourage natural reach and forward thinking. This leads to her great success developing young horses.

She broadens her own education as well as provides opportunities for those around her to expand their experience and knowledge by participating in and hosting numerous clinics throughout the years, for example, Debbie R. Rodriguez and Jan Brons. In addition she hosts shows at her farm, both schooling and recognized. Speaking of shows, Kerstin is an USDF “L” graduate with distinction.

Kerstin is not only a true horsewoman herself, but is an incredible source of information, encouragement, and resources in our world of dressage. She shares her farm, her knowledge, and various learning opportunities with everyone so we all can improve our skills on and off our horses.

Submitted by Katie McFarlane