Jenni Hogan

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Jennifer (Jenni) Hogan is a dedicated multi faceted horse professional. She has had over 20 years of riding, training and teaching experience. Jenni holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from MTSU’s agriculture and equestrian science program. She furthered her formal equine education by becoming an USDF Certified Instructor through 2ND level and is an L program graduate judge with distinction.

As a competitor Jenni has earned her Bronze and Silver USDF Medals with her horse that she trained from the ground up. She has trained with Tami Crawford and has competed successfully at Prix St George and has students competing at 4th level. She is an active participant in clinics with the best instructors in the USDF. Mary Wanless, Jon Brons, Sara Geike, Chris Von Martels and Debbie Rodriquez are just examples of the quality of instruction Jenni has received and imparts upon her students.

Jennifer’s commitment to Dressage is best demonstrated in her volunteer activities. She has served as the president of the CTDA (2002-2003) and is currently the head of the State of Tennessee 4H Advisory Committee for Dressage and the Marshall County 4H Leader. Jenni teaches our teens what it means to be a good horseperson and competitor. Her students in 4H and in the dressage community benefit from the years of formal and USDF education but her clear love of horses in even more evident in her care. Everyone that has trained with Jenni or been in her company at a competition knows that she really cares about her students and their horses. Jenni gives 110 percent in her lessons and does it in a positive down to earth manor. She instills confidence in the rider and gets results by giving extra effort in everything she does. Jenni’s principles of horse care are based on her education, 22 years experience and are exemplary for her students.

As an advocate for the art and science of dressage, Jennifer Hogan is a natural choice for the Dee Minault Horsewoman Award. We the members of the CTDA should recognize this professional who gives all she has to offer to our sport. Jennifer has pursued the formal education of a degree in Equine studies, furthered her education by becoming a certified instructor and L judge yet has the commitment to volunteer on our board and lead the youth of community . Jenni is a successful competitor who leads her students by example how to be a good horsewoman on and off the horse. Her students and horses benefit alike from her commitment to Dressage and we should honor her efforts.

Submitted by Susan Paffrath