Lease to Own Gelding

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For Lease with option to Buy 11 year old WB cross gelding.

I prefer to lease this horse out but I am not riding him enough for him to live up to his potential.   A lease could be what you are looking for. 

This is a big boned horse that is easy to handle and will take care of a not-so-great rider but then will be a fun horse for a more advanced rider.  He has shown well at training and started some first level but I got distracted/busy. He is about 16.1-16.2 hands, has a dun gene but is sort of half dun half chestnut.  HE HAS competed recognized BN teenagers on him in dressage, 4H, hunters, jumpers, eventing. He needs to get FIT. UTD shots, floating, goes barefoot, very easy keeper.

If leaser fell in love with him and it was a great match, I would sell him for his sake.  But if I am ‘stuck’ with him when he gets old as a trail horse, I am happy with that!

Call Lara at 931-623-9609, or by email at