Schooling Shows

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2023 CTDA Schooling Shows

Click on Date to EnterVenueJudgeShow SecretaryBoard RepVolunteer LinkSchedule/Results
April 8, 2023Walnut Trace, Nashville, TNJenni Hogan & Jessica Wright Email Show SecretaryKristi YatesApril 8 Vol Signup2023-04-08 Results final
April 22, 2023Harlinsdale Farm, Franklin, TNJoni Abney, "R"Email Show SecretaryMolly Morrison Volunteer Sign-up2023-04-22 Results
May 6, 2022Brownland Farm, Franklin, TNRebecca Brown Email Show SecretaryMarisa FernandezVolunteer Signup BrownlandResults
June 10, 2023Double H Farm, Chapel Hill, TNJamie LawrenceEmail Show SecretaryJenni HoganVolunteer Sign-up2023-06-10 Schedule FINAL
July 8 2023Serenity Falls Farm, College Grove, TNGrace Gregory Email Show SecretaryBethany Gallagher
Aug 26, 2022Brownland Farm, Franklin, TNMeris GregesEmail Show SecretaryMegan Trend
Sep 16, 2023Walnut Trace Farm, Nashville, TNMicki Tutwiler Email Show SecretaryLynne Glaus
Sep 30, 2023Brownland Farm, Franklin, TNDarlene Dixon- BottorfEmail Show Secretary
Oct 142023Tame Fox Farm, Franklin, TNMarie McDonald Email Show Secretary
Nov 4-5 2023CHAMPIONSHIP Weekend at Clearview Farm, Shelbyville TNJamie LawrenceEmail Show Secretary

2022 Schooling Shows

Click on Date to EnterVenueJudgeShow SecretaryBoard RepVolunteer LinkResults
April 2, 2022Walnut Trace, Franklin, TNMarie Macdonald & Darlene Dixon- BottorfEmail Katharina Nowotny-BolesKaye SimmonsApril 2, 20222022-04-02 Results
May 7, 2022Serenity Falls Farm, College Grove, TN Grace GregoryEmail Katharina Nowotny-BolesMolly MorrisonMay 7, 20222022-05-07 Results
June 11, 2022Double H Farm, Chapel Hill, TNMarie MacdonaldEmail Katharina Nowotny-BolesJenni HoganJune 112022-06-11 RESULTS
Jul 23, 2022NEW VENUE: Tame Fox Farm, Franklin, TNBecky BrownEmail Katharina Nowotny-BolesMarisa FernandezJuly 232022-07-23 Results
Aug 27, 2022Serenity Falls Farm, College Grove, TNJenni Hogan Email Katharina Nowotny-BolesMegan Trend Aug 272022-07-23 Results
Sep 10, 2022Walnut Trace Farm, Franklin, TNMicki BraseEmail Katharina Nowotny-BolesSally GoldfarbResults WT 2022-09-10
Oct 29, 2022Roberson Equestrian Center, Murfreesboro, TNJamie LawrenceEmail Katharina Nowotny-BolesLynne Glaus Oct 292022-10-29 Results
Coming Soon!CHAMPIONSHIP Weekend at Clearview Farm, Shelbyville TNMeris Greges, "r" (Sat & Sun) Email Katharina Nowotny-BolesJessica Rimmer/Kaye SimmonsCS Results

2021 Schooling Shows

Click on Date to EnterVenueJudgeShow SecretaryBoard RepVolunteer LinkResults
Mar 6, 2021Serenity Farms, College GroveJenni HoganEmail Katharina Nowotny-BolesElizabeth PriddySign-up here!Sereneity Farms RESULTS
April 10, 2021Walnut Trace, Franklin, TNGrace GregoryEmail Katharina Nowotny-BolesMarisa FernandezSign-up here!Walnut Trace Results
May 1, 2021Harlinsdale Farm, Franklin TNValerie CheathamEmail Katharina Nowotny-BolesKristi YatesSign-up here!Harlinsdale Results
May 22, 2021Double H Farm, Chapel Hill, TNKerstin Moltmann-WilderEmail Katharina Nowotny-BolesMoriah SeibertVolunteer here!2021-05-22 RESULTS
Jul 10, 2021Old Hillsboro Manor, Franklin, TNMarie MacDonaldEmail Katharina Nowotny-BolesKaye SimmonsSign-up here!2021-07-10 RESULTS
Aug 28, 2021Serenity Falls Farm, College Grove, TNKatharina Nowotny-BolesEmail Katharina Nowotny-BolesLynne GlausSign-up here!2021-08-28 Results
Sep 11, 2021Walnut Trace Farm, Franklin, TNMeris GregesEmail Katharina Nowotny-BolesJenny KempVolunteer here!2021-09-11 RESULTS
Oct 23, 2021Roberson Equestrian Center, Murfreesboro, TNDarlene Dixon-BottorfEmail Katharina Nowotny-BolesRachael FranksSign-up here!2021-10-23 RESULTS

2020 Schooling Shows

Click on Date to EnterVenueJudgeShow SecretaryBoard RepVolunteer LinkResults
May 23, 2020NEW: Jenni Hogan Dressage, 4865 Thick Rd, Chapel HillMicki Tutwiler Brase, "L"Email Shelley FugittKatharina Nowotny-BolesMay 23, 2020
Jul 11, 2020Old Hillsboro Manor, Franklin, TNJenni Hogan, "L" with distinctionEmail Katharina Nowotny-BolesElizabeth PriddyJul 11, 2020 2020-07-11 OHMResults
Aug 29, 2020NEW: Clearview Horse Farm, Shelbyville, TNDarlene Dixon-Bottorff, "L" graduateEmail Katharina Nowotny-BolesRachel FranksAug 29, 2020 2020-08-29 Clearview RESULTS
Sep 19, 2020Walnut Trace Farm, Franklin, TNMeris Greges, "r"Email Katharina Nowotny-BolesMoriah SeibertSep 19, 2020Results Walnut Trace
Oct 10, 2020Goodman Equestrian, Lynnville, TNKatharina Nowotny-Boles, "L" with distinctionEmail Rebecca JonesLynne GlausOctober 10, 2020Results Goodman Equestrian
Nov 7, 2020Clearview Horse Farm, Shelbyville, TNJessica Wright, "L" with distinctionEmail Rebecca JonesDiane HashNov 7, 2020Nov 7 Schooling Show Results

2019 Schooling Shows

Click on Date to EnterVenueJudgeBoard RepVolunteer LinkResults
March 30, 2019Walnut Trace Farm, Franklin, TNGrace GregoryDiane Hashn/aResults 3_30_2019
May 4, 2019Harlinsdale Farm, Franklin TNSusan Posner, "R"Katharina Nowotny-Bolesn/aResults 5_4_2019
May 25, 2019Roberson Equestrian Center, Murfreesboro, TNKatharina Nowotny-BolesMoriah Seibertn/aResults 05_25_19
July 6, 2019Old Hillsboro Manor, Franklin, TNMarie McDonaldShelley FugittResults 07_06_19
August 24, 2019Traveller's Rest Farm, College Grove, TNJenni HoganElizabeth Priddy
September 14Walnut Trace Farm, Franklin, TNJessica WrightLynne GlausResults 09_14_2019
October 5, 2019Roberson Equestrian Center, Murfreesboro, TNDarlene Dixon-BottorffMoriah SeibertVolunteer LinkResults 1-_05_2019

2018 Schooling Shows

DatesVenueJudgeResultsBoard Rep
October 20, 2018 (moved from Sep 15)Walnut Trace FarmGrace Gregoryresults 10_20_18Diane Hash
October 6, 2018Roberson Equestrian FacilityKatharina Nowotny-Boles10_06_18 ResultsKatharina Nowotny-Boles
September 1, 2018Double H FarmMicki Tutwiler BrasecancelledMarie MacDonald
August 4, 2018Travelers’ Rest FarmKatharina Nowotny-Boles08-04-18 ResultsKathy Ziegler
July 7, 2018Old Hillsboro ManorJenni Hogan07-07-18 ResultsBethany Gallagher
May 26, 2018Roberson Equestrian FacilityMarie MacDonaldResults 05-26-18Meghan Miller
May 5, 2018The Park at HarlinsdaleJessica Roberson-WrightRESULTS 05-05-18Shelley Fugitt
April 14, 2018 - rescheduled to April 21Walnut Trace FarmRebecca BrownResults 04-21-18Meghan Miller & Scot MacGregor