Help!! CTDA has a new website – I can’t find anything!

It’s okay… breathe… help is on the way!

Yes, we have a new website and if you read on, this article may help you to find what you need, and to learn about our new site at the same time.

Where do I find info on shows and events? Our calendar is populated with all the schooling and recognized shows conducted by the CTDA. In addition, we are listing the Dressage at Greystone series hosted at Riverdale Farms in Lafayette, TN, and any other shows or clinics we know about and have been asked to list. CTDA sanctioned shows will carry this designation on the calendar so you will know that your scores count to CTDA year-end awards. Hovering over the calendar entry with your mouse will give more information on that event, and if you click on the event, you can get even more.

So where is the show entry form? Entry forms for schooling shows and recognized shows will be under the ‘Resources/Form Listing’ tab. Hover over ‘Resources’ and then click on ‘Form Listing’. This resource has all CTDA forms – Membership (online and printable pdf); Awards requirements and Rider Report form; Shows and Clinics entry forms and State Championship requirements; Education/CTDA’s Annual Scholarship form and requirements, and Advertising and Sponsorship rates.

I need to renew my membership; what do I do? Glad you asked! Clicking on the ‘Membership’ tab will get you all the information you need about the benefits of being a CTDA member, in case you didn’t already know. (This is the place to point new members so they can find out the great benefits of being part of our GMO too!). Click on ‘Complete your membership form now’ to get to the online form. Shortcut: If you hover over ‘Membership’ and then click on ‘Membership Form’, you will see the new online membership form. Just complete the online form, type the two anti-spam keywords at the bottom, hit ‘Send’, and “Voila!” your form is on the way! You can also continue to use PayPal for membership fee payment.