CTDA Policies & Procedures


CTDA offers two year-end award programs, USDF Recognized and CTDA Schooling.

Eligible Scores are earned January 1 through December 1 of the current calendar year

(also termed “the current competition year”).

Both programs offer awards per level for the following four divisions: Junior 13 and

under, Junior/Young Rider (ages 14-21), Adult Amateur and Open. Ages for Juniors and

Young Riders are the age of the rider at the beginning of the competition year (for

example, if the rider is 13 on January 1, they will be considered a Junior for the entire


Each horse/rider combination may be Champion or Reserve Champion in only one

program per level.

The deadline for Year End Award applications is December 15.

1. Year End Awards Score Requirements –

a. USDF Recognized Shows:

i. At least one score submitted must be from a CTDA sponsored

show. This is to demonstrate participation in CTDA shows, the

score may not be used for award calculation if higher scores were

earned at other shows.

ii. Introductory – Fourth Level = 5 scores

iii.FEI & Freestyles = 3 scores

iv. Rider Tests = 3 scores from 3 different shows

v. To be eligible, both the owner and rider of the horse must be

current CTDA members in good standing at the time the tests are


vi.Scores will be downloaded from USDF Score Check by the Awards

Coordinator and the top scores (5 or 3, depending on level) will be

used to calculate awards.

b. CTDA Schooling Shows

i. All scores must be from CTDA hosted or sanctioned shows.

ii. Introductory – Fourth Level = 5 scores

iii.FEI & Freestyles = 3 scores

iv. Rider Tests = 3 scores from 3 different shows

v. To be eligible, both the owner and rider of the horse must be

current CTDA members in good standing at the time the tests are


vi.Scores will be obtained from the CTDA Schooling Show Secretary

by the Awards Coordinator and the top scores (5 or 3, depending

on level) will be used to calculate awards.

vii.For scores earned at a non-CTDA sponsored show, the rider is

responsible for scanning and emailing the front of each test sheet

to the awards coordinator.

2. Year End Awards Volunteer Hours Requirements (October & November


a. A minimum of 8 volunteer hours per horse/rider combination earned by

December 1. Or $100 donation, or Solicited Ad/Sponsorship of at least

$100 received by May 31 of the current competition year.

b. Directors service on the CTDA Board is judged fulfillment of the volunteer

hours required for Year End Awards.

c. Volunteer hours may be performed by the rider personally or hours may

be donated to the rider.

d. Hours donated but not to a specific rider will be allocated at the Awards

Coordinator’s discretion. These hours should be used to encourage new

or inactive members to become more engaged. The same person should

not be awarded donated hours in subsequent years.

e. Volunteer hours must be documented on the Volunteer Hours Report and

signed by a CTDA official. This report must be submitted with the Rider

Report (scores) to be eligible for Year End Awards.

3. 70% and 80% Club

a. CTDA recognizes those members who have received 70% (or higher) and

80% (or higher) scores at CTDA hosted or sanctioned shows or at a USDF

Recognized show during the competition year (January 1 through

December 1). The Rider Report form containing this information must be

submitted to the Awards Coordinator by December 15 of the current

competition year. Scores earned at a show not CTDA sponsored or

sanctioned are not eligible. No volunteer hours or ad/sponsorship monies

are required for this acknowledgement.

4. Special Award Definitions

a. Volunteer of the Year: This award recognizes CTDA members who have

donated their time, effort, and passion for horses and riding over the

previous season. This award is presented annually (at the discretion of the

board), to an honoree nominated and voted upon by the board. Selection

criteria include hours and quality of service, dedication to horses and

dressage, and enthusiasm and attitude. The award may be presented to a

CTDA member of any age, riding level, or riding status. Volunteer efforts

are critical to the success of the Central Tennessee Dressage Association

and this award expresses our gratitude to our volunteers.

b. Hall of Fame: This is an award that recognized a Life Time achievement in

the world of dressage. This award is not always given annually as only so

many horses, riders, trainers, breeders or horsemen reach this level of

accomplishment. This is CTDA’s highest level of recognition for

accomplishments in the field of dressage.

c. Participation Award: The CTDA Participation Award recognizes the

member who has supported the club by participating in CTDA events –

shows, clinics – throughout the year. This award is not restricted to riders

or to participation by showing, but rather shows appreciation for the

enthusiastic overall support of the CTDA, its members, and its sponsored

events. Candidates for this award are nominated and voted upon by the

CTDA Board of Directors.

d. Dee Minault Horsemanship Award: Named in memory of a CTDA member

whose spirit exemplified the true spirit of ‘horsemanship’. The horseman is

more than an accomplished rider, it is someone who earnestly works to

improve all their equestrian (‘horsey’) skills, champions the horse, seeks

more education, and who is continually growing in their knowledge of the

horse and their riding skills. The CTDA horseman is someone with a

comprehensive tool box for the many aspects of horse riding/care/

competing, and who spreads the word and shares their knowledge with

others. This award is presented annually to a member nominated by the

general CTDA membership and voted on by the CTDA Board of Directors.

i. Nominations for the Dee Minault Award must be submitted by the

CTDA membership to the Board of Directors by December 15 of the

applicable competition year. Nominations shall be submitted in

electronic format (email) to the CTDA Secretary. The award winner

will be selected by majority vote of the Board of Directors at the

January Board meeting preceding the Year End Awards Banquet.

(January 2015)

5. Repeat Year End Winners (September 2014)

a. If a horse and rider pair has won a CTDA Year End Champion at a specific

level, this horse and rider pair is NOT eligible for Champion at the same

level in subsequent years. However, a horse and rider pair who is

awarded Reserve Champion at a specific level IS eligible to compete for

Reserve or Champion at the same level in subsequent years.


1. Guidelines for CTDA Sanctioned Shows (June 2011, April 2015)

a. Unlimited Schooling Shows at one facility using same secretary – $100 per

season sanctioning fee, paid to CTDA.

b. Must use “L” judge or higher and abide by USEF and USDF rules.

c. Sanctioned show dates may not conflict with CTDA schooling shows.

d. A minimum of 3 of the 5 required scores for Year End Awards shall be

obtained at CTDA hosted shows.

e. Must provide adequate parking including in bad weather.

f. Must provide adequate warm up area.

g. Schooling Show scores and results are to be communicated to the CTDA

Schooling Show Secretary within one week of the show date.

2. U-13 and Greenie Weenie Categories in Schooling Shows (April 2015)

a. In the U-13 and Greenie Weenie categories, the same horse may be

ridden in the same class and age group by up to, but not more than, 2

different riders.

3. Maximum / Minimum Number of Entries (June 2016, November 2016)

a. The maximum number of entries per schooling show date shall be 60.

b. Fewer than 35 entries shall constitute grounds for canceling a CTDA

schooling show no later than 5 days prior to the show date, at the

discretion of the Schooling Show Secretary.

4. Cancelled Schooling Shows (August 2014)

a. The venue/facility will retain the facility fee. These fees are not refundable

or usable for future shows.

b. The Schooling Show Secretary will retain the office fees. These fees are

not refundable or usable for future shows.

c. If a show is cancelled due to weather or safety issues, management will

automatically apply the class entry fee(s) towards a subsequent CTDA

schooling show in the same calendar year. Otherwise, upon written

request by the competitor to the show secretary, class entry fees will be


5. Heat Index – Schooling Shows (October 2016)

a. If the heat index is forecast to be 180 or above, this is grounds for the

show to be cancelled for safety issues.

b. Venues are always required to provide adequate water source for horses.

CTDA will provide water for riders.

6. Schooling Show Volunteers (November 2015)

a. The Board Representative for each schooling show will be primarily

responsible for recruiting the required volunteers, with assistance of the

Volunteer Chairperson as needed. The venue should be encouraged to

help supply volunteers.

b. The Board Representative shall tabulate volunteer names, contact

information and hours served. This information shall be conveyed to the

Volunteer Chairperson who will maintain such records for each

competition year for the purposes of verifying Year End Award qualification

and to serve as a source for recruiting volunteers in subsequent

competition years.

CTDA Arena Rental

1. CTDA will permit rental of our dressage arenas at $100 per arena per event. The

renter is responsible for transporting the ring, cleaning it, and returning it within

two days of the conclusion of the event. The renter will be responsible for

replacement cost, including shipping, of any pieces damaged or lost.

CTDA Facebook (December 2015)

1. Sales and event announcements are only allowed by members and those who

have purchased CTDA ads and/or sponsorships for the competition year.

USDF Convention (April 2015)

1. CTDA will pay for at least one Board representative to attend the annual USDF

Convention. Covered costs include registration fee, travel and hotel for the nights

associated with the convention. The Board member(s) attending shall be

responsible for Gala costs and meals.